Smiling Through, while The Lights are dimmed at 317am

Not easy, not easy at all to keep smiling through, while the lights are dimmed at my very favourite site on the Web:


my daily picker-upper literary, intellectual cup of coffee.

317am run by

Ted the Cat (1994-present) is a domestic shorthair blogger and vers libre poet. He also enjoys sleeping, eating, and lurking. Ted the Cat co-habits with Kaze, also a blogger at

Kaze is Washington DC area writing guru Steve Altman. The nickname is Japanese for “the wind.”

Ras at Texas BBQ in DC, site of lunchtime chats with Kaze on the art and agony of writing. Ras is also known in some publishing circles as George Clack.

I feel rich knowing those three guys and thank them profoundly for all the fabulously interesting posts they allowed us to share. Great massage for the brain!

They even got me into the habit of not using 4-letter words … oy vey.

I know what a lazy bunch you ‘out there’ are, but here I almost insist that you have a look and read at least ONE post by each one of them. If RasoirJ and Kaze don’t hook you, Ted the Cat most certainly will.

(Ted did like my book a lot, Kaze told me. So did Kaze … Kaze told me. RasoirJ hasn’t read it. He doesn’t like romantic stuff, UNLESS it’s Hi-Lit, like the Bontes, or Austen. Blah blah blah.)

YES, the site stays online.


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