One way to screw up your blog…

… is to have trembling hands and click a wrong button. Tralalaaaa … so here I am with a lousy appearance (the blog, I mean) and without a lot of the original info.  Well, since my deteriorating health and very serious personal problems kept me from doing much on the blog anyhow, I think I’ll just leave it as it is and let it live its own life.

There was a lot of info about Portugal here, there were superb photographs bought at, and there was some delicious, but bloody frustrating warfare about my autobiographical novel ‘Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard’. Remember?

I gave the hoaxhunters a chance to PROVE I was a liar and what did they do? Nuffink, nuffink at all. No matter, the book will come out again, rewritten (this time with names and places mentioned) as will, by the way, a collection of my poems under the title ‘Touches of Mood’.

More important, I told you about a lovely book I wrote, ‘The Sleeping Madonna’. Remember her?

On the right you can read what it’s all about and lemme tell you … it’s sensual, very sensual and people love it. Still waiting for one person to tell me it’s crap. Most interesting: my best reviews come from MEN! So, who says that romance is for women only, eh? All I know is that I had an absolute ball writing the book and I am still grateful to the two blokes who challenged me to write ‘a sensual novel’. They didn’t think I would be able to, since so much of my writing concerns my war past. Ha! Gotcha, didn’t I?

For those who haven’t read  The Sleeping Madonna yet: I still have a few signed copies left, so if you are interested…

Okay, that’s all, dear people. Be happy and may you always have Light.

PS. YIPPEE! I just found that all the way down, under archives, there are still several posts about Portugal left + photos.


2 Comments to “One way to screw up your blog…”

  1. Deborah – I LOVE the new look of your blog. Really very smooth. 🙂 That wrong-button click I think worked in your favour.

  2. Ha ha! So, just when I decide to stop blogging, I do something right. Thanks for comment, merewoman.

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