I did it! Finally!


What did I do?

I LEFT FACEBOOK … as far as one can actually leave Facebook, that is. Mark Whateverhisname never really lets people go, does he?

Yet, I left and I feel pretty happy about it, even though I will miss the nice, beautiful, funny, interesting posts of some of my friends, real friends. Those I’ll meet on their sites or blogs, or in emails, though.

Why did I join to begin with? To promote my book, I guess. Yes, that must have been it. Well, since nobody ever reacted to the book being published (apart from you, Pierre, and one or two people who were going to buy it HAHA and never did) nobody read my blog be it about The Sleeping Madonna or Portugal and … oh well, I just felt Facebook isn’t the place for me.

So, here I am … almost feel like a virgin again 🙂

Since the interest in my book is really overwhelming (blahblahblah) I am also changing this blog and will be talking about OTHER people’s books and blogs, books I bought when they were published (I think authors should support each other) and blogs/sites I like or love.

I was going to say I was open to suggestions, but decided against it. You lovely mute lot only reacts when sh*t hits the fan … here again with a few wonderful exceptions, a few loyal people, thank G-d.


4 Comments to “I did it! Finally!”

  1. I have been thinking about it for a while. These people are not that close to me and just like me check Facebook for gossipy reasons. I feel self-conscious and to be honest don’t need this pressure in my life. It’s addictive and doesn’t really boost my intellect. Having said that. I am still on Facebook… BUT, soon….

  2. I hope you will soon be ready to do what you deep down want to do, Juliana. I really feel much better now, since just going there to … because I adore a few people and their work? What’s the use? I’d rather tell them on a more personal basis or on their site/blog.
    I hate the entire concept of Facebook, hate the ‘friend’ thing (bull! most people were not friends at all, just ‘people on Facebook’) and every so many days went there swearing under my breath.
    Addictive? Not at all. Just invasive.
    Bon courage, Juliana!

  3. Congratulations, Ruth Deborah. You’re free!

  4. I sure am, Joe, and it feels nice!

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