Signed and dedicated copy, yes or no?

This is what the non-plastic edition, the real one, the paper one looks like. The book is available and this post is to offer you the possibility to reserve/obtain a signed and dedicated copy via little old me.
Since Strengholt, my publishing house, is in Holland, they will have to send me the books to doodle around with, include tender messages, or just my signature, thus … I need a list of people who would be interested in such a copy.
Send me an email at: deborah.rey(at), with your name and address. C’est tout.
I have added a PayPal thingy, so you can pay me via PayPal or credit card, and since postage from France is very cheap, I throw that in for free. Don’t forget to include your address, though!
Needless to say this (for now) only goes for this first edition. Don’t know how nice I’ll be next time around blahblahblah
More info about how and where to buy coming up soon.
Have a good day everybody, with sunshine on your shoulders and soul.


4 Comments to “Signed and dedicated copy, yes or no?”

  1. My goodness… I am excited about this. Can’ wait to hold a copy in my two squirrley mits. 8)

  2. You’re on the list, Maggums, you surely are!

  3. It looks absolutely fantastic! And I know how well it reads. 🙂 Lovely cover, lovely story.

  4. Thank you, kind lady. Does that mean you want a signed copy? 🙂

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