Meet you at Rossio?

Whenever we went to Portugal, one of our main stops was Lisbon and even if we had been down to the Algarve (way down in the South) we simply had to be in Lisbon for a while.

Once in Lisbon, we always stayed at the same hotel (I’m afraid a very chic one) but we never had breakfast there. We took a walk, being quite rudely awoken by the hussle and buzzle (and claxoning) of life in the big city, and came to

Praça Dom Pedro IV (officially), known as Rossia by all.

Praça Rossio 1

One of the most lovely squares in Lisbon (there are no un-lovely squares in Lisbon!).

It’s in the middle of the Baixa, the low city and a magnificent statue of Dom Pedro IV, looking down at two baroque fountains and flower stalls.

Dom Pedro IV Praça Rossio 2

These four virtuous ladies are sitting at his feet. Four very serious ladies portaying cautiousness, justice, strength and temperance.

Four virtues fountain Rossio 3

Evenings are great fun at Rossio. Many good restaurants, shops open till late, flower girls selling carnations, sidewalk cafés and in case you want to go somewhere, here is the Railway Station.

Rossio Central Railway Station 6

And the next morning, when you go for breakfast to yet another restaurant, don’t forget him … the old man sitting there selling small bags with food for the pigeons.for next to nothing

Feed the birds Rossio 5

Feed the Birds, Feed the Birds…


4 Comments to “Meet you at Rossio?”

  1. A statue for temperance? In Lisbon? I thought there was more wine there than you could shake a bottle at?

  2. True, true, Joe, but … the statue is part of the … oh, to heck with it, it’s lovely.

  3. I’ll drink to that!

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