Allowed to comment?

A few people did, they surely did and I am very touched by their words.

The ‘Joe’ behind this first comment is Joe Stein, an author I truly admire. Joe wrote ‘Another Man’s World’ and ‘Cold Fire, Calm Rage’ (published by the now ‘gonewiththewind’ bluechrome Publishing) and ‘That Twisted Thing Called Truth’ which will come out shortly, published by WardWood Publishing (a fairly young publisher who knows the difference between truly good and mediocre). Here’s what Joe has to say and – for once – I’ll shut up:

Allowed to comment? Try to stop me! For anyone who hasn’t read the Sleeping Madonna – why haven’t you? I thought it might not be for me, being that it is in the words of the author, “a highly sensual, terribly romantic” novel, not my usual fare, but the quality of the writing means it transcends any specific genre. Joe is where you find all (?) about Joe Stein and his work.

Under my post: And here she is: The Sleeping Madonna, you’ll find a comment by Margaret Elam, a wonderful author, who actually was one of the first people to read The Sleeping Madonna. After reading what Maggi has to say, why not have a look at her site? It’s quite fascinating and fantastical … uh … yes, fantastical.

Yesterday, Deborah’s wonderful novel, The Sleeping Madonna, found its way across the big pond and right to my doorstep. I had worried about her journey. I should not have. Ever the strong adventurer and devoted heroine, she comes at last into my hands where I will cherish this wonderful book. If I but had a dozen I would circulate them to all of those people in my life with romantic hearts. I laughed and cried and yearned for more from the first page to the last when I was privileged enough to read Deborah’s book the first time. Now I look forward to sweet evenings luxuriating in the beautiful descriptive passages while I walk once more beside Deborah’s lively characters. Thank you Deborah for your romantic heart. Without it such a book would not exist. Margaret Elam

I don’t know how to thank these two wonderful people, thus curtsy, bow my head and shut up, seems to be the best thing to do.


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