She’s on her way!

As of this morning, the sleeping lady is on her way to the US, UK, France, and Sout Africa. I truly hope she will arrive safely at your homes and thank you for purchasing the book. When people actually buy your novel or whatever you wrote, you know that you didn’t write it for the cat’s ass 🙂 Very nice feeling.

My apologies for taking so long in sending her on her way, but we suffered a great loss, which left us totally devastated and rather, no, completely KO. Our dearest canine friend, our Leonberg Bardd Blewyn died of kidney failure. He wasn’t even five years old.
I hardly ever bare my shapely ‘private’ behind, but I feel I owe you an excuse for the delay and think you will understand.

Another kind of Thank You to my dear followers, the hoax hunters and shit kickers:
Thank you for sending around a chain-mail in which you claim:
that The Sleeping Madonna is nothing but a lie: it IS. It’s pure FICTION. Sigh 😦 Why don’t you look up the word in a dictionary, dahlinks?

that I am not handicapped. I wish I weren’t. It ain’t fun, you know and what the heck does that have to do with my writing? I write, my wheelchair doesn’t.

that I have never been to Portugal. Have you? I have, more often than I can count on the fingers of my two hands, but I’m not even going to bother to prove it. Read the book, it will change your mind.

So, what am I thanking you for? Never knew that negative publicity often makes for more sales than postive reviews? 🙂 It does, you know, it does!


2 Comments to “She’s on her way!”

  1. Really, really bizarre. Who are these people? Why does it matter to them so much what you write, say, think, do, or where you travel? It sounds like cyber-bullying. Very, very nasty stuff.

    But as you say, negative publicity is a funny thing – it actually attracts people. I found that when somebody left negative feedback on two of my books on Amazon (why read somebody’s second book if you didn’t enjoy the first?), sales suddenly rocketed. I don’t think that was their ambition! As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity. Getting it free is a real bonus. 🙂

    So glad that you are turning spite into something positive.

  2. It is cyber-bullying, but in this case it is becoming rather hilarious and utterly childish.
    I KNOW who they are, merewoman, I know them well. They are still after me and will always try, I guess. Very kind of them: this post (like the one with me in my ‘bolide’ wheelchair) attracted many people within a very short while. Many people to see my NOVEL about a Sleeping Madonna statue that turns out to be a very old and very dead old lady. How nice!
    Good to see you here and Thank YOU for Garou on No Damn Blog (which I visit every day).

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