Another glass of Porto, please

Okay, let’s sit down and chat about Porto.

No, let’s have a look at the many different facades of Porto, before talking about monuments and such.

YES, let’s take a boat ride under the city’s famous six bridges and see its many different faces.
Let’s go from chic,


the Ribeira (river side) area.

Narrow, winding streets, narrow houses with colourful façades

and below your feet

here, too, the pavement is a piece of art, created with small blocks of marble.

Ah! The Ribeira.
That’s where you find small restaurants (‘holes in the wall’, we used to call them) where the food, service and the atmosphere often is even better than in the best restaurants.

Want some typical music? Will ‘Fado Menor do Porto’ by Conjunto de Guitarras Sete Colinas do? For me it certainly dœs.


2 Comments to “Another glass of Porto, please”

  1. The pictures above remind me of buildings in then old section of Havana. When I saw them it brought back so many memories of my time in Cuba.

  2. Great! But this is Portugal, dahlink. Read The Sleeping Madonna yet?

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