Caldas Da Rainha – The Queen’s Sources

Since in The Sleeping Madonna one of the Quintas (wine manors) is called the Quinta Da Rainha, a bit of history:

There once was a Queen, the Dona Leonor, wife of King João II. She was a very kind and beautiful Queen
but … the poor woman suffered from rheumatism. Other sources say she had an open wound that would not heal … I dunno, I wasn’t there at the time (would you believe it?), but anyhooo:
The Dona Leonor was (no, not in the parlour) travelling in her coach on her way to Tesco maybe, or Waterstones, who knows, anyhooo … she was travelling and suddenly noticed a group of people alongside the road, bathing in a pool with steaming water.
She stopped and the people told her that the sulphur sources they were lounging in, healed rheumatism and all kind of other diseases. What did Leonor do?
She put on her swimsuit 🙂 and plunged into the warm water, convinced she too would be healed.
Once at home, she sold all her jewellery, created a lovely park around the sources and had both a hospital and a church constructed on the site:
The hospital is still being used and people still go there to be cured.
AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA … there’s my excuse for a long holiday in Portugal! Hadn’t thought of that before. See how much fun it is to be handicapped?
This is the only azulejo tableau I could find of Caldas da Raihna. notice it says: Placa da Republica? Not very regal.


2 Comments to “Caldas Da Rainha – The Queen’s Sources”

  1. Dear Deborah,
    Quite a lady Dona Leonor! But does one need an excuse for a long holiday in Portugal?
    And please do tell us more about the Douro valley, and legends of kings and queens in and around Porto…
    Your Didjine

  2. Shalom Didjine! How very, very nice to see you here.
    No excuse needed for a long or short holiday in Portugal, no excuse at all.
    Your wish is my command, dear Didjine, and stories about the Douro area, Porto + pics will be up soon.
    Since I know you did sojourn in that area several times, I wonder how much you still remember.
    Speak soon! Suns, moons and stars,
    your Ruth Deborah

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