All’s well that ends well…

and begins even better.

Ended well: the new cover for The Sleeping Madonna e-book. The lovely waterfall was accepted before I could even sneeze and the book now also has an ISBN: 978-1-4581-5365-4.

Beginning even better: the hardcover edition that soon will see the light, with uncensored nipples. My publisher loves, no, adores the artwork by Alexandr Chulkov and wouldn’t think of changing it. He also told me he is reading the book for the second time and taking his wife on a holiday to the Douro Valley. The book inspired him, he said. He didn’t say on what point, though 🙂

(this gorgeous beast’s name is Corajoso. In the book, that is.)


3 Comments to “All’s well that ends well…”

  1. Fab cover, Deborah! Absolutely gorgeous.

    And that horse ……

  2. Happy you like this cover, SK, and the horse … Corajoso would have been perfect for you. I bet you liked the part of the book about Corajoso
    I hope many people have purchased your ‘The Valley of Heaven and Hell’. They should. Super book with a fab cover, written by a fab woman.

  3. Thank you, upb24aufuk.

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