Censored nipples…

Remember this gorgeous cover by Alexandr Chulkov?

True, how could you forget, eh? Wellll… It created some trouble and I received this message from them thar darlings at SMASHWORDS:

This book required modification before it can be accepted for premium distribution.

It was reviewed on 04/14/11.
•#2 Some of our retailers are cracking down on even illustrated nudity. Could you cover up our lady’s nipples a bit? 🙂 After you correct your image please go to Dashboard: Settings to upload the new image. Thanks.

After a few choice words in reaction to such incredible hypocrisy – after all, who could ever be shocked about the bare breasts and nipples of a young woman breast-feeding her child? – I decided to censor my nipples. No, not mine, hers and thus, changed the cover like this, adding the words ‘censored’ and ‘nipples’ to cover them up ‘a bit’.

Alas, the same message remained on my Dashboard and after some more flowery expressions, I decided to change the cover totally and keep the piece of art by Alexandr Chulkov for the printed edition.

This, my sweet non-commenting readers (apart from Jamie Mason, of course) means that IF you were to buy The Sleeping Madonna e-book version, you’z gonna get it mitout nipples, but WITH a waterfall and behind that waterfall … ai ai ai, lots of bare nipples and lots of love. No kidding!


4 Comments to “Censored nipples…”

  1. The advantage of shopping early: the copy I have on my Kindle has the original cover.
    I will read the book soon.

  2. Super, Pierre! The original copy is really lovely, isn’t it? I didn’t even know The Sleeping Madonna was already on Kindle. Hope you’ll like the book. It’s totally different from the ‘other’ one I wrote.
    Good to see you here again, dear Pierre. Welcome back.
    Ruth Deborah

  3. Hello again Ruth Deborrah
    I should clarify. I bough the Sleepimg Madonna on Smashwords and they offered a choice of formats for the download; I chose Kindle format and copied it to my machine. I didn’t buy it from Amazon.. I have a huge reading queue, so I haven’t read the ‘other’ book yet.
    It is nice to be remembered.
    Many regards

  4. Hello Pierre,
    I figured that out after writing my reply, how’s that for fast thinking, eh?
    The book will be on Kindle before long, though … more expensive than on Smashword, I’m sure.
    Also, Smashwords has ALL the formats under the sun and all of them are available right now.
    Thank you for buying The Sleeping Madonna, Pierre. I hope you’ll have the time to read it before I am REALLY old 🙂
    Ruth Deborah
    PS Wish I were a lady … then I could say: ladies first! Book written by, I mean.

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