What other people say about the book

Review by: Luigi Pagano on Apr. 09, 2011 :
The Sleeping Madonna is not your run-of-the-mill romantic novel. It is a highly charged erotic tale which tells the story of Roxane, a celebrated actress, and Rui Cabral, a Portuguese aristocrat who embark on a passionate affair with the blessing of his acquiescent wife Celeste.
Why it should be so and how this human triangle was formed is gradually revealed as the book progresses.
The sexual awakening of Roxane/Ana Rosa and all the events leading to it are frankly described in steamy passages to emphasise the emotional bond of the pair.
The gripping narrative makes for an enjoyable read.

Review by: Susie Kelly on Apr. 08, 2011 :
When beautiful young film star Roxane Fontaine and Portuguese aristocrat Rui Cabral meet, it is love at first sight, despite the fact that Rui is already married to gentle, beautiful Celeste. The strength of their feelings is beyond their control – but can their love surmount the obstacles in its way – and will it last?

Set in the magnificent, unspoilt Douro region of Portugal, this is a book written from the heart of somebody who knows about Portugal, and about love in many forms – pure, physical, passionate, unselfish, and maternal.

Not only a love story, it is also a mystery. Who really is Roxane? Does anybody know? Does she herself know?

Moving, fascinating, sexy, seductive – The Sleeping Madonna is all of those.

Anybody who enjoys a well-written and compelling romance should settle down comfortably, put their feet up, and let themselves be swept away into the sunshine of southern Europe, and the heart of an eternal triangle.


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