And that’s how it all started

And that’s how it all started

I was going to tell you about Portugal and about ‘The Sleeping Madonna’, the super romantic novel I wrote, wasn’t I? I wasn’t?
Well, I am and YOU MAY COMMENT.

Blogging without even one bloomin’ comment and a large number of readers … bloomin’ frustrating. To say the least

‘The Sleeping Madonna’?

Romantic and rather sensual, maybe even very sensual, ‘steamy’ says one reviewer and he should know.

What happened is that two poet friends challenged me to write a sensual poem (why not erotic?). Never challenge me with something like that, because I will show you I can do it … and I did. It’s called, ‘Later’ and will be included in my anthology of poems, ‘Touches of Mood’ to be published before long.

Okay, so I wrote a sexy poem and showed them. Ha! But … the two darlings then came back and told me that a poem was easy, but a novel? And that’s how it all started.

‘Auntie’ was born, then changed names and became ‘Tri Angle’, and I finally settled on ‘The Sleeping Madonna’. Super romantic, sensual, fun and sometimes sad and moving. A romance without a hitch. Why no hitch? Because I am a rebel and didn’t feel like following the set pattern. No hitch, just Life taking its course … but differently.

What does Portugal have to do with this? Everything, because the book is set in Portugal; in the magnificent Douro region, home of the vineyards that grow the grapes from which Portugal’s world famous Port wine is made.

Yes, but why Portugal? Because I have been and always will be in love with Portugal, even though I live in France. Perfectly clear, isn’t it?

So, that’s what this Blog will be about … a ‘Sleeping Madonna’ to begin with, because later … och, later I’ll tell you about other novels. When you’re seventy-three, you don’t have that much time left, so you’d better get written down what’s in your head and in your soul.

Now, don’t you dare tell me I don’t tell you anything!!


2 Comments to “And that’s how it all started”

  1. No comments? Ha! Well then let me be the first on this post. Love the cover and love your style. Best of luck, Lady. Knock ’em dead.

  2. You know something, Jamie Mason? Not only are you very beautiful and write a super blog, you’re also one heck of a nice woman and I’m happy to have met you.
    Bless you, welcome, and thank you
    very much.
    Ruth Deborah

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