Let’s talk about me … for a change.

Time to introduce myself, I guess. There must be people out there who do not know me. Okay, here goes nothing:

I was born in Amsterdam in 1938, and have from the time I was a little girl worked in radio, (later) television, publicity and the theatre, as an actress, broadcaster, entertainer, scriptwriter, translator and editor in the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA.

I was (and it seems still am) rather famous as Dody Cowan, thanks to a show called ‘His and Hers’, which ran for many, many years (Radio Nederland, the Dutch World Broadcasting System) and which I presented with my (then) husband, Jerry Cowan..

Today, retired, I finally have the time to be a full-time writer and editor, and adore killing superfluous commas. My author name, Ruth Deborah Rey, is a combination of my Hebrew name, Ruth Deborah, and the translation into Occitan of my maiden name..

I live in the middle of nowhere at the French Atlantic coast with my husband, one dog, and five cats. I am in p*ss-poor health, have emphysema, am on O² 24/24 and speed around in a wheelchair, due to arthritis. A very long silence on this blog, means that I finally really kicked the bucket :)))))) the Skinny Shnook tried to get me three times during the past three years, but I was too fast for him. Ha!

I have been recognised by the Dutch Foundation 1940-1945 as a participant in the Resistance during the German occupation of The Netherlands during World War II, and consequently receive an extraordinary pension, which is a great honour and makes for an easy life.

‘Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard’, my autobiographical debut novel, which relates my life as a “child courier” in the Dutch underground Resistance during World War II, officially launched on my 70thbirthday in April 2008 by bluechrome publishing UK was, due to constant harassment and threats , withdrawn in June 2008 by both the author (daz me) and the publisher.

Sounds grim? It is/was, but that story isn’t over yet and the book is …well, it IS. We’ll see. I am going full speed ahead with my other books, prose and poetry and in spite of it all, I am alive and well and living in France … just like the great Jacques Brel once did.

GREAT NEWS: before all too long, The Sleeping Madonna will be published in a printed edition. YIPPEE!


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