So, what else is new?

THIS is:

The Sleeping Madonna by Ruth Deborah Rey. $4.99 from
A sleeping Madonna statue that turns out to be a very dead old lady, the perplexing likeness between film actress Roxane Fontaine and Ana Rosa de Fontes Foncequa, the old lady’s niece who mysteriously disappeared twenty-one years ago… Let The Sleeping Madonna take you to Portugal’s magnificent Douro Region,to watch the rebirth of an extremely sensual concordat of love, a Triangle of Love.

Yep! We’re back at where we started way back when: in Portugal.SMASHWORDS is the place to find The Sleeping Madonna and if you like … ah, forget it! Just go there and take a peek. I’ll be back with more info soon.Come along with me … I’m on my way to the stars, love is waiting around the corner, and sex is fun (isn’t it?).
Educational, too: read this blog and you’ll get loads of info about Portugal. In the book it’s more romantic, though.

PS Very important:
the (IMHO) SUPER cover with the MADONNA and is by:



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