Óbidi, Óbida, Óbidos

As I am writing this, I wonder if I will ever run out of telling you about my favourite places in Portugal. I don’t think so, but taking my age into consideration I might as well hurry a bit :o)
This, for instance, the rocky coast of Peniche (north of Lisbon) is one of those places. I can sit there for hours and watch the ocean crash over the rocks, foaming and of a colour that hovers between turquoise and jade (and one hundred shades of blue and green and so on and so on). The Sea Is My Mother … for sure.
Uuuuh, wasn’t I going to talk about Óbidos? I was, I was and I will, but first let me tell you about the chapel in Peniche where the walls are covered with azulejos
and where a statue of Jesus lies in a glass box and covered with a white sheet and a pink blanket…
Uuuh, Óbidos:

Óbidos, dating back to the Middle Ages, with all the ramparts still intact and where once inside you can dream away in a sleepy little city with lovely white houses always decorated with an abundance of flowers.
There is but one street where you can go by car, but it is much nicer to just roam around and feel the silence of days gone by (and I’m sure the noise of clanking swords, too).
If you ‘must’ see the sights, then go to the little church, where in 1444 Alfonso V married his eight-year-old cousin Isabel.
I think that is one of the things that fascinates me so much in Portugal and all other countries I have lived in or visited frequently: what went before.
Leaving Óbidos at dusk I always felt like waiting until it was dark and then listen to what those thick walls will tell me. Dream along with me…


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