Keeping My Promise and taking you to the Torre de Belém

Remember the most impressive Monument to the Discoveries? Yes, this one,
situated along the river Tagus, with Prince Henry the Navigator at the prow of this caravel-inspired sculpture.
Further along the riverbank – a walk which for me used to be a ‘must’ every time we visited Lisbon … sheer beaytuy, sheer beauty – you’ll fine the Torre de Belém, the Tower of Belém.
Belém being the place from where the caravels sailed the seven seas and in the 16th life very much revolved around the harbour and the Torre, which actually started off as a fortress and key to the defence of the estuary thanks to King Manuel I who in 1520 used a rocky island to protect entrance to the Tagus and at the same time commemorated the discouvery of Brazil (1500). Man of good taste, that good King Manuel.

Over the years it has become less of an island and less usueful for defence but it did earn UNESCO world heritage status.
The stonework of the outside is fascinating with ornate balconies, Manueline rope pilars, his typical twisted rope frames around the windows, animals and shields.
There is a Moorish style sentry post on each corner and from the inside you have panoramic views of the river and much of the city.
The terrace on top of the building is a place where you dream away to way back then, to the kings and queens of that for Portugal so special era and of people such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama.
Dream along with me…


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