Before I lose myself into the pleasure of celebrating Chanukah with my daughter and grandson ( Hi Joe!) let me take you back to the time when the Romans lived in Portugal. We’re so lucky there are sites left that witness of their presence and oy vay, did they live the good life, including central heating and hot and cold water whenever they wanted it.
When you go south from Coimbra to Lisbon, you get to Condeixa. There you’ll find a lovely small museum with many treasures that were found at the ‘Ruinas’ of what once was the Roman city of Conimbriga. I am talking about the first century AD now.

The mosaics you can admire there are beyond words, the central heating system, what once was a room and even the remnants of a 3 km long aqueduct, the main street and ramparts.
It’s one of those places where you feel like asking walls and pillars and mosaics: Tell me, please, tell me who lived here?
In all honesty, I lose myself in places like that and really go back to the past, stay for hours and – if they let me – help those puzzling on a mosaic.
On one such occasions, I was sitting on an old bench, deep in thought/meditation … when my portable phone rang! That in itself I found sacrilegious, but on top of it, it was my bank manager who (very sweetly) called me all the way in Portugal, to tell me they had righted a mistake they had made. Very sweet, but … I hated him and my phone for disturbing me there and then. Unfair of me, I should have turned it off.

Okay One and All, enjoy Conimbriga and in case (probably) I’m not back before the New Year: May you have Light and may 2009 be a kind, fair, healthy and happy year for you.


Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year!


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