Rio de Janeiro? No, Lisbon.

When you see the photo below, I bet you think of Rio de Janeiro, but no, this one is in Portugal, across the Tagus River. Lisbon was born and grew at the Tagus river sides and up against those infamous seven hills, where you’ll find ‘miradouros’ , viewpoints, usually with benches (like the one I showed you in an earlier post) and people just sitting there and taking in the lovely view. There’s a saying in Lisbon that most people prefer to look at their city from above, instead of working in it.




The Ponte sobre o Tejo is the longest suspended bridge in Europe (2278 meters) and when you cross it, you are at a height of 70 metres.When you stand on this bridge, even the immense harbour of the so unique city looks beautiful.

Back to the bridge: it used to be the ‘Salazar’ bridge, but after the spectacular Carnation Revolution against the dictator (when the army put red carnations in their rifles, instead of bullets … and won). That took place on 25th April 1974 and the bridge has now become the Bridge of 25th April. Much better name and toodle-oo to Salazar. Good riddance.


Yep, He is also there. That’s the connection with Rio de Janeiro. Coming from the north He faces you, a statue erected in 1959 to commemorate Portugal’s not being forced to take part in the Second World War. He is 28 metres tall and stands on a pedestal of 82 metres, with lifts to take you way up to the top, to a terrace from which you have a spectacular view of the city. I did go up there, but rather took the 486 steps up and same down. I’m a coward in lifts.


No, neither the bridge, nor the statue are mentioned in The Sleeping Madonna. Next post I’ll put on another excerpt and for those who don’t give a tralala about my info about Portugal: have a look at my poems and prose. Some fun stuff there, some though stuff there, too. Tells you a heck of a lot of what I am all about.
PS Yes, that gorgeous dog is mine. His name is Bardd Blewyn (long-haired poet in Welsh) and he is a Leonberg. Yes, he is big, very big, veryveryvery big and kinder than kind. A real friend.


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