Tell You This, Or Tell You That?

Bom Dia! Long time no speak, I agree.
Now, I could tell you some super story about having taken a trip with my new lover (to Portugal, of course), and that we stayed at the most romantic Pousada I know,

the Buçaco (or Bussaco) Palace Hotel in Luso, which is close to Coimbra, Fatima, Viseu and the Douro Valley. It is situated in the middle of 250 acres of woodland originally planted by Carmelite monks, and you will find trees from the New World discovered by the famous Portuguese sailors. 700 species of trees of which some are rare local varieties and others from the Americas, Asia and Australia.

This absolutely out-of-this-world-Sleeping-Beauty-Fairy-Tale, quite luxurious but not even ridiculously expensive Hotel, used to be a Palace belonging to the Portuguese Royal family.

The classic Manueline style building is filled with antiques and the fine paintings can be fond in all the rooms.
Speaking about rooms … bedrooms in this case…

Breakfast in bed? But, of course!

Oh, come on, we must get out of bed and walk around and realise that the Battle of Buçaco was fought on the ridge just above the forest in 1810 … the first serious defeat Napoleon suffered in the Iberian Peninsula.
The forest paths are a delight and lead you to exotic plants, waterfalls, lakes and gardens. It really is like a Fairy Tale.

In the sixth century, Benedictine monks established a hermitage in the midst of Bucaço Forest and over the years many small chapels and grottoes have been built.
The present Palace was built on the site of the old monastery as a summer retreat for the Portuguese monarchy. It was completed in 1907, only three years before the declaration of the Republic.

Republic or not, the Buçaco Palace is still there, with 60 bedrooms, some with balcony, and 6 regal suites, all more than most tastefully furnished and decorated.

The ‘oh, my G-d, how beautiful’ dining room serves excellent Portuguese and classic cuisine and is one of Portugal’s most renowned restaurants. It has a romantic terrace overlooking the park. Oh, and let’s not forget the wine, their wine.

The Lobby bar is the perfect setting for enjoying the old rare wines and the exquisite liquors in distinguished ambiance. Sh**, I’m beginning to repeat myself. Would it be the talking about the wine?

The Buçacco Palace Hotel has a magical, peaceful atmosphere you are sure to fall in love with. The hotel itself never stops to amaze even the most blasé traveller, the forest surrounding it is ideal for long walks among beautiful gardens with exotic plants, rare birds, spas, sacred pathways and chapels.
Since 1917, under the management of the Alexandre de Almeida family, it became one of Portugal`s greatest houses and one of the most fascinating and historic hotels of the world.

I wonder if they still have the Housekeeper, complete with dangling keys and such, who always threw me the evil eye, when I had a chat with a harness standing on the landing half-way the staircase. The guy was dying for some attention! I could see it in his (electric) eyes…

Now, I could tell you all that, couldn’t I? Nah. I won’t. So there. I’ll be honest (for a change).
Actually, I was enjoying life with one of my dearest friends and Nr One Poet, John A. Shaw and his beloved Bobbie (she would talk to the harness, too, I’m sure. She is like that) and at the same time working with John on a collection of his sublime poems ready them so be published. About bloody time, too! Thus, no time for blogging about Sleeping Madonnas.
So, tell me already … what’s noo with youz guys out there?


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